Community Request: Information Regarding Surveyor

Sharing an email request for information. See below.

From: Danny Ravelo raveloda [at]
Subject: Surveyor Orbiter records,

First, thank you for maintaining this site and records of the work and lives of previous employees at Hughes Aircraft. 

I am in the search of any data, records or diagrams of the Hughes Aircraft proposal for a lunar orbiter using the modified Surveyor frame that the late Mr Fisher worked on. The ultimate goal is to try and build a computer model of it. References and data on it are very scarce but would you be able to point me in the right direction?

Any tips or help is very appreciated. Direct emails to raveloda [at]

2 thoughts on “Community Request: Information Regarding Surveyor

  1. HI Jullianne

    I worke on out lunar orbiter proposal and was in charge of the orbital mechanics.

    we lost the proposal for the orbiter.



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