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 A (Very) Short History of the Space and Communication Activities of Hughes Aircraft Company–Steve Dorfman

 How It All Began—Jack Fisher

Hughes Aircraft Bibliography—Jack Fisher

GM-H Stock Certificate-Jack Fisher

SATELCO: A Joint Venture of Hughes and NEC into the INTELSAT Ground Station Business—Joe Freitag and Joe Moore

Hughes Aircraft History 1932-1986

Pre-Syncom Communications Satellite Studies–Dr. Boris T. Subbotin, Jack Fisher

Space Industry Goes Into ‘State of Shock’ |Los Angeles Times January 29, 1986 Ralph Vartabedian and Michael A. Hiltzik


GM and Systems Engineering—Jack Fisher

Reagan okays China launch of U.S. satellite Hughes News Quarterly International July-Sepember 1988

FCC Opens Door to New Domestic Satellites–SCG Journal August 1985

FCC Reduced Spacing Decree–SCG Journal September 1983 

FCC Okays Transponder Sales–SCG Journal October 1982

Three Domestic Systems For U. S. to Get HAC Craft Hughes News September 14, 1973


An Historic Trip to China–Norm Weinhouse

The Hughes Astronauts–Jack Fisher

 Clarke, Man Who Fulfilled Prophecy, Meet at HAC–Hughes News August 25, 1967

SCG’s Tom Hudspeth Celebrates the Common Sense of Inventing: SCG Journal June 1984

Stoolman Leaves Behind 36-Year Legacy—SCG Journal May 1985

Dick Parfitt—Jack Fisher

Greg Jarvis-Slipping the Surly Bonds of Earth—Andy Ott

Don Williams and Einstein—Warren Howard Sierer


Hughes Launch Log 1963-2000–Jack Fisher

Section 10-Intelsat—Compendium of Satellite Communications Programs NASA X-751-73-178 June 1973

Bill Murray’s Launch Photos–Jack Fisher


Commercial Satellite Communications Project-22 October 1959—H. A. Rosen, D. D. Williams

Commercial Communication Satellite-Hughes Report RDL\B-1 H. A. Rosen, D. D. WilliamsJanuary 1960

The SYNCOM Story–Harold Rosen

NASA SYNCOM Press Releases

How a satellite called Syncom changed the world–Ralph Vartabedian LA Times July 26, 2013

HAC Builds Commercial Communication Satellite–Hughes News       September 30, 1960


Improved Syncom C Set for May Launch—Hughes News April 10, 1964

Space Communications: It All Started 20 Years Ago This Month SCG Journal July 1983

Simplicity of Design to Make Launching of First Syncom Possible by Late 1962—Hughes News October 27, 1961

The Syncom III Mission and Spacecraft–NASA Technical Report TR R-252


HAC Builds Commercial Communication Satellite Hughes News September 30, 1960

Pioneer Venus

Lessons From the Pioneer Venus Program—Steve Dorfman

Pioneer Venus Photographs

“Probe” is an export; diamond duty savedHughes News January 6, 1979

Pioneer Venus teams race deadline

Pioneer Venus people happy with success–Hughes News January 5, 1979

The Magnetic Pioneer Venus Orbiter—Jack Fisher

Pioneer Venus Mass Properties—Jack Fisher

Pioneer Venus Award Fee Determination–Steve Dorfman

Pioneer Venus Cost Growth Analysis—A. D Wheelon, Steve Dorfman


Pioneer Venus Mission Operations Support.—Jack Fisher

Configuration Management—Jack Fisher

I Remember Pioneer Venus—Do You?–Andy Ott

HAC Bids for Venus Probe Work–Hughes News August 31, 1973


HAC Gets $31 Million Canada Satellite Pact—Hughes News October 2, 1970

HAC Bidding to Build U.S. Domestic Satellite System—Hughes News January 15, 1971

Westar makes headlines—Hughes News November 3, 1978

Hundreds Are Involved in Westar Story—Hughes News April 26, 1974

Westar Drifting Into Orbit Above Equator; Tests Set—Hughes News April 26. 1974

Evolution of the Indonesian National Communications Satellite System—Will Turk


The Galileo Probe–Jack Fisher

SCG hosts Jupiter probe progress reviewHughes News February 2, 1979

Galileo Probe Model Takes the Plunge, By Jupiter SCG Journal August 1982


TACSAT–Dick Brandes


Leasat Beginnings and Significance-Boris Subbotin

The Leasat Story-Andy Ott

The Leasat Rescue Mission–Steve Dorfman

LEASAT F5, The Final Chapter-Andy Ott

Hughes Strikes Back—Chris Cutroneo


AsiaSat 1–Joel Nelson

Beyond GEO–Rex Ridenoure

AsiaSat Rescue: The Real Story, Part 1–Jerry Salvatore

 AsiaSat Rescue:  The Real Story, Part 2–Mark Skidmore

Mission Design and Orbit Operations for the First Lunar Flyby Rescue Mission–J. Salvatore, C. Ocampo

The 20th Anniversary of the First Commercial Lunar Flyby Rescue Mission—Jerry Salvatore

HGS-1 Mission – Setting the Facts Straight Chris Cutroneo


Beginnings:  The Study, Proposal, and Program Initiation–Jack Fisher

The Surveyor Proposal Team–Hughes News February 3, 1961

The Atlas-Centaur Story–Jack Fisher

Fly Me to the Moon: The Surveyor Mission and Mission Design–Jack Fisher

Part II: Free Flight Trajectory Design–Jack Fisher

Success:  The Surveyor Missions–Jack Fisher

The Surveyor V Odyssey–Hughes News September 15, 1967

Legacy and Lessons Learned–Jack Fisher

Test Craft Makes Soft Landing–Hughes News December 3, 1965

The Surveyor Lunar Orbiter–Jack Fisher

Surveyor Day–Monday December 14, 1964Hughes News December 18, 1964 

Sears Cites Surveyor Contributions—Bob Sears–Hughes News January 26, 1968

Surveyor Model Makes Successful Radar–Controlled Soft Landing


Surveyor Flight Path Analysis and Command (FPAC)–John Gans

Surveyor Mission Images–Jack Fisher

Surveyor Software and Flight Operations—John Gans

A Surveyor Confession–Harlan Knudson

Surveyor I and the American Flag–Jack Fisher

Surveyor Final Report—Jack Fisher

The Surveyor Mockup—Jack Fisher

The Story of Surveyor I—Jack Fisher

Surveyor Terminal Descent—Fred Hummel

Surveyor, Not Yet Ready To Fly, Learning to Land Hughes News June 8, 1962

Apollo 12 Streaks Homeward With Pieces of Surveyor III for Analysis—Hughes News November 21, 1969

Intelsat VI

SCG Selected for Intelsat VI Contract Negotiations

 Wheelon Meets the Press to Discuss Largest Commsat Program

Historic Intelsat VI contract product of personal performance

INTELSAT VI and the COMSAT Technical Review—Jack Fisher

The Success of Intelsat VI F-3 Reboost Mission–Chuck Rubin May 26, 1992

The I-VI Reboost Program—Joan Tarro

Intelsat VI F-3 Recovery

Intelsat IVA

Intelsat IV-A Customers Opt for HAC Satellites


HS 393A: New Domsat A-Building at SCG–SCG Journal November 1983

Task Team’s Efforts Save The Day For JCSAT Launch By Nick Brown—SCG Journal January 1990


Retrievals of Westar VI and Palapa B-2–SCG Journal, December 1984

Russian Contract Calls for HSC To Build BONUM-1–Hughes Electronics Herald November 7, 1997

SBS–S&CG captures $63 million contract for business               satellites–Hughes News February 10, 1978

SCG signs $54 million Anik pact—Hughes News April 21, 1978

The HS376 Program–Dick Brandes

Australia picks Hughes satellites to link communications ‘down under’—Hughes News May 28, 1982

Team effort’ key to Aussat win—Hughes News May 28, 1982

Ariane sends SBS-5 for IBM unit into orbit Hughes News Quarterly International Edition July-September 1988


Hughes Galaxy Licensed by FCC for DBS—SCG Journal January 1985


Space Systems Establishes Program Office for NASA                         Solar Satellite Competition–Hughes News May 1, 1970

HAC to Build Solar Orbiter–Hughes News January 15, 1971

OSO-8 turns out great–Hughes News January 19, 1979

OSO will allow scientists to check into sun’s corona–Hughes News June 27, 1975

Intelsat V

Intelsat V–SCG continues foreign participation–Hughes News February 6, 1976

Intelsat V designs offer high reliability, low risk–Hughes News March 5, 1976

Intelsat IV

Hughes Wins $72 Million Contract for the Intelsat IV–Hughes News November 1, 1968

Intelsat II

Hughes Wins New Satellite Contract–Hughes News December 3, 1965


SCG in line to build GOES satellite–Hughes News December 3, 1965

NASA Gives Group Go-Ahead To Build More Weather Satellites SCG Journal August 1982

Early Bird

 A Part of History–Hughes News April 9, 1965

Early Bird Ready For April LaunchHughes News March 26, 1965

Early Bird…..Remarkable 5-Year Record in Space Hughes News April 17, 1970

Satellite Data System

Shadow Dancing: The Satellite Data System By Dwayne A. Day



HSGEM – The Hughes GeoMobile Satellite System Story—Andy Ott


$66 Million Contract For Satellites Placed by Comsat General– Hughes News October 12, 1972


ATS Mobile Terminals—the Pope Paul VI’s Visit to Columbia, the 2500th Anniversary of the Persian Empire and President Nixon’s Visit to China—Roland Boucher


ATS Spin Scan Pictures–Bob Farmer

Applications Technology Satellite Program–NASA


The DirecTV Story – Space Segment – Andy Ott

New satellite design to meet high-power needs Hughes News Quarterly International Edition October-December 1987 Carol Hazard


The Magellan Mission–Hughes News Quarterly International April-June, 1989


$40 Million Contract Won by S&CG for Trio of Maritime Satellites Hughes New June 8, 1973

NASA New Business Efforts

1.   Hughes Enters the Space Business 1960-1979–Will Turk & Jack Fisher

2. Space Exploration Opportunities 1965-1975–Will Turk and Jack Fisher

3. NASA Systems Division Campaigns, 1975-1979—Will Turk

Mars Observer—Jack Fisher


Slicing the Bologna and Other Comsat Design Initiatives–Dick (CR) Johnson

On the Gyrostat Road–John Neer

Summary of Aeronautical Satellite Development–Roland Boucher

The Williams Patent Litigation–Ralph Vartabedian LA Times

Group’s Propelling Idea To Boost Satellites–The SCG Journal November 1983

Spin Stabilization–Hughes News June 28 1985

HAC Receives Basic Patent On Spin-Stabilized Satellites–Hughes News September 14, 1973

Hughes System Makes Giant, Improved Satellites Possible–Hughes News November 3, 1967

The Enduring “SMART” Satellite Manual–Jim Thompson


Body Stabilized ComSat Developments–Dick “CR” Johnson and Will Turk

Morelos uses new design Hughes News December 21, 1984

ION ENGINE POSITIONING SYSTEM Hughes Press Release November 9, 1962 By Dr. Malcolm R. Currie

Williams patent trial enters final phase–Carol Hazard Hughes News Quarterly International Edition January-March 1988

Sunraycer—The GM Solar-Powered CarHughes News Special Edition for Australia, September 1987

New nickel-hydrogen battery to give spacecraft longer life Hughes News Quarterly International January-March 1986

In Memoriam

Remembering Mal Meredith–Jack Fisher

Albert (Bud) Wheelon–Ralph Vartabedian Los Angeles Times

Death Ends Work Of Satellite Star Donald Williams–Hughes News February 25, 1966

Allen E. Puckett dies at 94–Ralph Vartabedian Los Angeles Times April 12, 2014

Richard J. Switz in Memoriam

Robert J. Varga In Memoriam

Thomas Joseph Mattis:  Daily Breeze March 29, 2018

Robert K Roney–August 5, 1922 to August 4, 2017

Michael Horstein July 7, 1933—July 27, 2017

Elliot Axelband—LA Times 5/24/17

Harold Rosen, creator of satellite that helped reshape life in Southern California, dies at 90. Ralph Vartabedian, Los Angeles Times

John Buterbaugh, Rest In Peace—Andy Ott

Bud Franklin

Clinton Lew

Roger Clapp Eulogy—Tony Iorillo

Roger William Clapp February 15, 1926 – March 1, 2014 LA Times

Hughes Workers Mourn Astronaut They Knew as One of Their Own–Los Angeles Times February 6, 1986

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  1. A great start; great project and a great beginning for those of us who were there in the 60’s and 70’s. Got there in ’66 and had the great experience working with Harold, Tony, Al Owens, Roger Clapp and so many more great people.
    Documented some of the amazing work Don Williams did for Hal and Syncom; brilliant and a sad ending there.

    Then there was the GYROSTAT andTony (with John Thomas and Bernie Burns). TacSAT(308), HS318, 312 and others–fuels slosh testing, nutation stability, flat spin recover….–what a kick all that was!.
    Great experience working on all the INTELSAT IV launches back in DC at COMSAT), then coming out here to the Denver area in the early 70’s and then back to Virginia in ’76 to be on the receiving end of that system and in charge of on site ops. When Tony asked me to join the program in ’72, I thought he and whoever cooked that system up were nuts. He said if you don’t think it can be done, I’ll find someone else. That hooked me with others like Dr. Brackey, Mike Gianelli, and many other “A” students. Collectively amazingly things happened and in 4 years!

    Then there was the Masters Fellowship program; what a gift that was. The ticket out of Ohio and on to new things for Patti and I. Lastly, was the five years attending the special Feynman Malibu Lecture Series ’66-’72. What a lasting experience that was to top off my formal education. Only at Hughes would all of this happens.

    Will look forward to others latching on and contributing; this legacy is truly unique.

    John (aka J.T.Neer 60898, org 40)


    • Jack
      Will do. Did you know Puckett chose Ford over GM and the HHMI gave him that decision authority…until GM floated a $1B note and trumped Ford’s offer by a large enough offer the HHMI had no choice. It was an interesting process to be a part of across the table on the Ford side at the time.
      PS Did we cross paths back in those early days? Where were you?


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